This Week in MMO News w/ Gillyweed – April 25th, 2015

Join us in this latest episode as Gillyweed gives us the latest on ArcheAge, Skyforge, Landmark, STO and more!

00:25 ArcheAge http://bit.ly/1zFEVf7
01:27 Skyforge http://bit.ly/1rGrF7m
02:34 Landmark http://bit.ly/1I4RPJr
03:36 Star Trek Online http://bit.ly/1kPszxP
04:51 EVE Online http://bit.ly/1mvvmaL
05:47 TERA http://bit.ly/1a7N4yv
06:46 The 5 in 1
Heroes of the Storm http://bit.ly/1oSoa92
Need for Speed World http://bit.ly/1Eo2w8l
Dofus http://bit.ly/1Ak4eni
Echo of Soul http://bit.ly/1JCl3xt
H1Z1 http://bit.ly/1z1uI0z

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